2’-OMe RNA Modification


Applicable Products

2098 2'-OMe-I-CE Phosphoramidite
2099 2'-OMe-5-Me-U-CE Phosphoramidite (2'-OMe-T)
2192 2'-OMe-N-Ac-5-Me-C-CE Phosphoramidite

Physical & Dilution Data

Dilution volumes (in ml) are for 0.1M solutions in dry acetonitrile (4050). Adjust accordingly for other concentrations. For µmol pack sizes, products should be diluted as 100µmol/ml to achieve 0.1M, regardless of molecular weight.


Mol. Formula

Mol. Wt.

Unit Wt.




2098 C41H49N6O8P 784.85 344.22 3.19 6.37 12.74
2099 C41H51N4O9P 774.85 334.23 3.23 6.45 12.91
2192 C43H54N5O9P 815.90 333.24 3.06 6.13 12.26


ETT, BTT or DCI can be used as activators. A coupling time of 6min (360s) is recommended.


No changes are required from standard methods.

Cleavage & Deprotection

Standard oligonucleotide deprotection conditions can be applied when deprotecting an oligo containing these modifications. In general, AMA at 65ºC for 10min is used, employing dmf-G and Ac-C in the sequence.

Storage & Stability

Store in a freezer below -10°C. Diluted samples are freshly prepared and used within 24h.


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