Unlocked Nucleic Acid (UNA) Synthesis


Applicable Products

2183 Bz-A UNA CE Phosphoramidite
2184 Ac-C UNA CE Phosphoramidite
2185 iBu-G UNA CE Phosphoramidite
2186 U UNA CE Phosphoramidite

Physical & Dilution Data

Dilution volumes (in ml) are for 0.1M solutions in dry acetonitrile (4050). Adjust accordingly for other concentrations. For µmol pack sizes, products should be diluted as 100µmol/ml to achieve 0.1M, regardless of molecular weight.


Mol. Formula

Mol. Wt.

Unit Wt.




2183 C54H58N7O9P 980.07 331.23 2.55 5.10 10.20
2184 C48H56N5O10P 893.97 307.20 2.80 5.59 11.19
2185 C51H60N7O10P 962.05 347.23 2.60 5.20 10.39
2186 C46H53N4O10P 852.92 308.18 2.93 5.86 11.72


A coupling time of 3-5min is recommended for up to 1μmol synthesis. Use 0.25M ETT as activator.

Cleavage & Deprotection

UNA is amenable to cleavage and deprotection methods as used for standard DNA chemistry, e.g. AMA at RT for 2h, or at 65˚C for 10min - 4h depending on the nature of the other modifications in the oligo. Typically this would be AMA, at 65˚C for 35min. With reference to the synthesis of UNA-RNA chimeras, this is also compatible with both TBDMS-RNA and TC-RNA chemistry deprotections.


No change is required to the purification method as for standard DNA or RNA.

Storage & Stability

All phosphoramidites are stored at -10 to -30°C. They are stable in solution for 2-3 days.

UNA oligonucleotide reagents are protected by patent applications owned by Marina Biotech, Inc. (www.marinabio.com) and which, within the reagents field, have been exclusively licensed to RiboTask ApS (www.ribotask.com) with the opportunity of further sublicensing. A license from RiboTask ApS enables Link Technologies Ltd to provide to customers UNA phosphoramidite monomer reagents for use in oligonucleotides for research uses only. The products in their original or any modified form may be used only for the customer's internal research purposes and not for commercial, diagnostic, clinical, therapeutic, or other use, including use in humans. The purchase of products does not include or carry an implied right or license for the buyer to use such products in their original or any modified form for commercial use. Customers may not distribute or provide the products in their original or any modified form to any third party.


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