Using Non-Fluorescent (Dark) Quenchers - Deep Dark Quencher


Applicable Product

2349 3'-DDQ-1 SynBase™ CPG 1000/110

Physical Data


Unit Wt.

2349 546.57


This product is used as per standard nucleosidic supports. Non-nucleosidic CPG supports do not detritylate as rapidly as nucleosidic ones, therefore an additional detritylation step is recommended. It is therefore necessary to use a cycle that does not contain an initial capping step.

Cleavage & Deprotection

UltraFAST conditions can be used and provide the best results: a 1:1 mixture of aqueous ammonium hydroxide and aqueous methylamine (AMA) for 10min at 65°C.

Purification & Analysis

Purification by RP-HPLC or cartridge purification is recommended. IE-HPLC or PAGE for high purity oligos also works very well, however FPLC tends not to give a good separation. This is thought to be due to the zwitterionic nature of this modification.

Note that if analysing oligos after purification by MS, an additional peak at M-134 is observed. This is attributed to fragmentation within the MS through the diazo bond.

Storage & Stability

The support is stored in the fridge or freezer and protected from exposure to light. Similarly, modified oligos are also protected from light.


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