Use of 20% DEA/Acetonitrile wash with amino/thiol modifiers


Applicable Product

20% DEA in Acetonitrile

For many of our modifiers (notably amino and thiol; see specific item protocols), it is recommended that the synthesis column is washed with 20% DEA in acetonitrile prior to cleavage from the support. This will remove the cyanoethyl groups that can react with free amino or thiol groups during deprotection, blocking these sites with acrylonitrile.

There are two ways you can use this reagent to remove the cyanoethyl groups:

  1. You can place this on the synthesiser. For example, if you are using an ABI394 synthesiser this can go on position 10 and you can carry out an end procedure.
  2. You can pass this reagent onto the synthesis column using a syringe on either side of the column. This is the most widely used method.

The reaction time is 5-10mins then remove the DEA/MeCN solution and wash the column with MeCN. Dry the resin (air or argon) then cleave and deprotect.


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