Creating an account - do I need to register to use the site?


You do not have to register an account with our support site in order to use it, however there are distinct advantages to doing so. To make it easier, you can if you wish log in with either your Google or Twitter account details, thus removing the need to create a separate account just for our site.

If you visit the Help Centre without signing in you can do the following:

  • View the public areas of the Help Center (i.e. most articles in the Knowledge Base and Community pages)
  • Share links to articles, questions, ideas, and answers on social media networks
  • Submit support requests

In addition to the above, as a signed-in user you can also do the following:

  • Comment on articles in the Knowledge Base
  • Enter and respond to questions and ideas in the Community pages
  • Vote on questions, ideas, answers, and articles
  • Subscribe to articles and sections in the Knowledge Base
  • Follow questions, ideas, and topics in the Community
  • Manage your subscriptions and support requests

At the moment we do not make it a requirement that you register in order to submit a support request, however we would strongly recommend that you do this in order to be able to view the status of your request(s) on this site.


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