Where is my invoice?


We send out our invoices at the time of shipping, by e-mail in PDF format. It is important therefore that you provide the correct e-mail address for this at the time of ordering.

If we have not been provided with a separate invoice e-mail address, the invoice will be sent to the same contact who receives the shipment tracking information and electronic copy of the delivery note.

When ordering online you have the opportunity the provide separate contact details for invoicing and delivery - both of these can be different to the details of the actual person placing the online order. Ordering by any other means, please ensure you provide all this information.

By default, electronic order documentation is sent as follows:

  • Order Confirmation - to person who placed the order
  • Shipping Information - to the Shipping contact specified, otherwise to the person placing the order.
  • Invoice - to the Invoice contact specified, otherwise to the same person as the Shipping information.
If you wish us follow a different procedure for your organisation then please let us know and we will try to accommodate this. Similarly, if you require paper copies of invoices sent by post we can do this as long as we know.

If you have not received an invoice from us, then please first check with the person to whom the goods were sent. If you still cannot locate an invoice then please submit a request quoting your order number.


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