Subscribing to articles or sections


You can subscribe to sections or articles so that you're notified by e-mail when somebody creates or updates an article, or adds a comment. You can also view and modify all your subscriptions in one place, providing you have logged in.

Perhaps the the most useful application of this is the ability to be automatically informed when the protocol for a product you use has been updated.

To subscribe to a section or article:

  1. Navigate to the section or article.

  2. Click the Subscribe button on the right side. In sections, you can subscribe to articles, or to articles and comments.

    If you choose the second option, you'll also be notified every time somebody makes a comment. This is the default behavior for article subscriptions.
To manage your subscriptions:
  1. Click your profile icon on the upper-right side of any page, and then click My activities.

    Note: You must be signed in as an end-user to see the link.

  2. Click My subscriptions in the sidebar.

  3. Make any changes to your subscriptions.
    Note: Unsubscribing removes the subscription from the page.


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