Vitamin Modification


Applicable Product

2530 5'-Niacin-CE Phosphoramidite
2536 BisDMT-Pyrridoxine-C6-CE

Physical & Dilution Data

Dilution volumes (in ml) are for 0.1M solutions in dry acetonitrile (4050). Adjust accordingly for other concentrations. For µmol pack sizes, products should be diluted as 100µmol/ml to achieve 0.1M, regardless of molecular weight.


Mol. Formula

Mol. Wt.

Unit Wt.




2530 C17H26N3O4P 367.38 216.00 (CO2H) 6.80ml 13.61ml 27.22ml
      215.02 (CONH2)      
      229.04 (CONHCH3)      
2536 C67H79N4O6P 1067.36 389.15 2.34ml 4.68ml 9.37ml


A 15min coupling time is recommended.

Cleavage & Deprotection

2530 - Use the deprotection conditions consistent with which form of niacin / nicotinamide you wish to use in your application, and the compatibility with other bases and modifications in your oligo:

For -CO2H use 0.4M NaOH in MeOH/water (4:1), RT, 5h.

For -CONH2 use ammonium hydroxide, 55˚C, overnight.

For -CONHCH3 use ammonium hydroxide/methylamine (AMA), RT for 2h or 65˚C for 10min.

Note that for RNA, to obtain the free acid, sodium hydroxide deprotection is not compatible therefore it is best to change to use 0.1M DBU in anhydrous MeCN, 18hr, RT for the cleavage and nucleobase deprotection.

2536 - Use AMA, 2h, RT. Note that DMT-ON purification can be employed. A double detritylation is required.

Storage & Stability

Store in a freezer at -10 to -30˚C.

Intellectual Property
Use of 5'-Niacin-CE Phosphoramidite, 5'-Niacin-C6-CE Phosphoramidite and bisDMT-Pyridoxine-C6-CE Phosphoramidite (Patent Pending PCT/GB2015/050611) is only permitted for incorporation into oligonucleotides for private purposes, including Research Use Only (RUO) oligonucleotides, i.e. not for commercial applications. Purchase of these products from LINK allows the purchaser the right to sell an oligonucleotide modified with the products, but only for RUO by the end-user. This right only applies to product purchased from Link Technologies or a licenced vendor. For all other uses of these products, in particular commercial applications, licensing programs are available from Link Technologies Ltd. For the avoidance of doubt, a separate licence must be sought for any synthesis and commercial sale of any oligonucleotide modified with the product for any non-RUO purpose, such as, but not limited to, therapeutic and diagnostic applications. Please contact us for further details.


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