CAL Fluor® Dyes


CAL Fluor® Dyes are a set of fluorescent dyes specifically designed for qPCR instruments. These novel xanthene fluorophores can replace previous dyes as a lower-cost alternative. The dyes can be efficiently manufactured, and remain stable to the conditions of oligo synthesis and work up. The attachment chemistry linking the CAL Fluor® Dyes to biomolecules eliminates the problem of multiple isomers. This results in dye labels that are easier to manufacture, have a single RP-HPLC peak and have well-defined emission spectra.

CAL Fluor® Dyes are available as CPGs (2423 and 2424) and phosphoramidites (2538, 2539 and 2540), allowing facile incorporation during oligo synthesis, which, as we have noted with other products, results in more efficient label incorporation and fewer purification steps than post-synthesis labelling. The CAL Fluor® Dyes have emission maxima from 520nm to 635nm and can be paired with BHQ®-1 or BHQ®-2 for efficient quenching in a variety of probe formats.

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Black Hole Quencher, BHQ, CAL Fluor and Quasar, are registered trademarks of Biosearch Technologies, Inc. (BTI). All BTI products offered for sale by LINK are sold under the condition that they be used for research purposes only and are prohibited from use in diagnostic or other applications unless explicitly authorized by separate written agreement with BTI. Black Hole Quencher® (BHQ®) CAL Fluor®, and Quasar® dyes (referred to collectively as "BTI Dyes") are sold to the purchaser for internal R&D use only and are not to be used for clinical or clinical diagnostic purposes. Neither the BTI Dyes nor the compounds synthesized with them are to be re-packaged or re-sold. Separate licenses for other than the aforementioned internal R&D applications of the BTI Dyes may be available. Please inquire via The Black Hole Quencher® dye technology is protected in the United States and other countries by U.S. patents and continuations numbered 7,019,129, 7,019,129B1, 7,109,312B2, 7,582,432, 8,410,255B2 and 8,440,399B2 issued to Biosearch Technologies, Inc. The CAL Fluor® technology is covered by U.S. patent number 7,344,701B2. The Quasar® technology is covered by U.S. Patent numbers 7,705,150B2, 7,868, 157B2 and 8,436,153B2.


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